Intermediate Level

Level 3 (Intermediate): for students who have finished the study of level 1 and level 2 or for those who have the understanding of radicals in Mandarin characters.

After completing level 3, you will be able to

  • Perform business conversation and office talk in a good manner.
  • Write simple notes or email in Mandarin.
  • Understand normal conversation.
  • Speak short sentences to deliver message.

Level 3 is a continuation of level 2. This level aims to teach student to put vocabularies learned in a practical way such as initial a dialogue from your perspective.

Graphic Introduction:

Weekdays afterwork intense classes and weekends standard classes

Standard Classes schedule:

Time Tue.&Thu. Sat. Sun. Class Code Tuition
Evening Mandarin Class 18:00-20:00 IL01 $900
30 lessons
20:15-22:15 IL01 $900
30 lessons
Daytime Mandarin Class 15:00-17:00 IL02 $900
30 lessons
15:00-17:00 IL03 $900
30 lessons

•$30/class, 1hr/lesson, 30 lessons, $900.00 total group package
•Group sizes range from 3-10
•Individual tailored classes offered at $85/class. Tell us about your requirements by sending an email message to


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