CSL Training

CSL (Chinese as second or foreign language) Training is designed by AEC for all speakers with different native languages. AEC is dedicated to organizing and publishing a new set of practical and comprehensive textbooks combining the essence of multiple Chinese textbooks with previous teaching experience. We sincerely hope we could help non-Chinese speakers understand and learn Chinese efficiently.

Mandarin is known by its official designation. Chinese is the only logographic writing language that was still used today. Unlike the alphabetic system used by most languages, Chinese is made up of characters, the majority of which are “phonetic’.

Chinese characters represent monosyllables, and generally each character represents a single morpheme. The total number of Chinese characters is estimated at over fifty thousand, of which only five to eight thousand are frequently used, while three thousand are normally adequate for everyday situations.

A considerable number of Chinese characters are composed of numerous strokes and are complicated to write. In order to facilitate writing, modern scholars have made continuous attempts to simplify the writing system. Therefore “Simplified characters” have been altered, while traditional characters retain their earlier forms.

The use of simplified characters is now official policy in People’s Republic of China, while traditional characters are restricted mainly to academic use or aesthetic purposes. Simplified characters are easier to learn, memorize, read and write.


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