Business Group Classes

Nowadays, China plays an increasingly important cultural and corporate role in the global economy; Learning Chinese is in greater demand than ever before. At AEI-Learn Chinese, we teach Business Chinese at all levels so that beginners can learn basic business terms, while intermediate students already conducting business with Chinese partners and clients will be given additional tools to significantly enhance their communications.

Beginning Level 1

This level is quite suitable for adults who have no prior knowledge of the Chinese language and are interested in learning Mandarin.

Beginning Level 2

Level 2 classes are scheduled for students who finished Level 1 from our program, or students who passed level 1 test.

Intermediate Level

This intermediate level course is a continuation of our level 1 and 2 classes, in this course you would expand your Chinese conversational vocabulary and you are able to engage in a deeper, more meaningful dialogue with your friends or colleagues.

Advanced Level

In advanced level Chinese course, you will be introduced classical Chinese, Chinese history and Chinese Culture and you would be able to comprehend Chinese broadcasting and TV programs.