Max Chen, PHD

President & CEO, American Education Center

Max Chen is an established educator and founder of American Education Center (AEC). AEC provides a one-stop service for students, teachers, and institutions for more than 20 years. Students who want to study abroad and get global educational resources would find all their needs at AEC including life placement, governmental policy issues, academic issues, tutoring, language testing, etc. Educators who eager to spread their knowledge globally can also find opportunities in AEC. AEC has devoted to exchange educators between U.S. and overseas in the last decade. Furthermore, AEC enables universities to connect with each other so that they can share the resources and information.

Simon Young

President, IntLingo Global Language Solutions

Simon Young, President of IntLingo Global Language Solutions, is an advocate of multilingualism. Established in 1998, IntLingo is a leading global provider of professional translations and multilingual communication. For more than a decade, it has been the language partner for major banking and financial institutions, law firms, insurance companies, technology companies and government agencies. With a portfolio of over 70 languages, IntLingo offers a full range of quality language solutions for business communications with exceptional and personalized customer service.

Sharing common vision and passion in education and language, Max Chen and Simon Young come together to jointly build AEI- Learn Chinese.