Q1: Can I learn and enroll in the Business Chinese program if I have no prior knowledge of Chinese language?

A: Yes of course, we can combine business Chinese culture and language with the basic Chinese language curriculum in our Level 1 Business Chinese course. 

Q2: Where can I take group or private classes?

A: AEI has classroom offices in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island. To ensure your convenience, please specify your preferred location when registering for your language program. 

Q3: I am not available during the group lesson times in the AEI schedule, are there other times available?

A: For private classes, the time and location can be determined based on your individual preference. For group classes, we can host lessons at a time and location of your preference with any registration containing two or more people. Please contact nihaoaei@gmail.com to discuss specifics of time and location if this situation applies to you. 

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